Membership and Business Expansion Committee

Mission Statement

To develop and maintain a healthy membership base to undertake the program priorities of the organization
The Membership Committee works in support of the following main objectives:
  • Further expand CHBC membership, especially on the manufacturing side, and sectors currently underrepresented, thereby increase membership revenue in support of CHBC activities 
  • Develop approach and value proposition to engage utilities in CHBC
Activities from Program Plan
  • Evaluate and explore opportunities to augment the membership value proposition
  • Host documents and have Members and Board Members-Only areas for distributing internal documents on website
  • Work with members and board members to show their membership in CHBC at trade shows or meetings in California
  • Identify meetings and events that CHBC members may participate in and develop supporting organization agreements to negotiate discounts
  • Develop goals for Board Members and members and provide incentives for successful member recruitment
The Membership Development Committee was created to expand the membership and develop membership services to grow the organization. Activities under this committee are focused on providing significant value to current members and working with Directors and other members to actively recruit new members to the organization. Their work was supported by staff and tools that were developed for this effort.

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