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California Hydrogen Business Council 2013 - News #4

Welcome to the latest edition of the CHBC Newsletter! Here's what we have for you in this issue:

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CHBC Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit

April 9 | 8 am - 4 pm | Downey, CA 


The CHBC is proud to present its biannual Hydrogen Fuel Cell Summit on April 9 in Downey, California at SoCalGas Company's Energy Resource Center. The key topics presented during this day-long event will be:

  • Hydrogen energy storage
  • Cap and Trade update and opportunities
  • Emission-free transportation    

Attendees will be able to learn from industry leaders about what product options may apply to their business to help fulfill their energy and environmental goals and what incentive programs the state of California provides. The meeting will provide reports and updates on events, issues, and opportunities in California, opportunities for businesses and individuals to renew and create new relationships, and to develop the direction of the CHBC. Register here >>




Technology Tour of 1.1 MW Fuel Cell System

 April 24 | 11 am | Torrance, CA  


The first Technology Tour of the year is planned for Ballard's 1.1 MW Fuel Cell System operating at Toyota's Sales and Marketing Headquarters in Torrance, California on April 24 at 11 am.


All CHBC members and interested parties are invited to attend.  The project, which began operation in October of 2012, is powered by Ballard's proprietary proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Ballard's ClearGen™ system enables Toyota to satisfy peak and mid-peak power needs using electricity from either the clean energy fuel cell system or from the power grid.  

Please join us for this exciting opportunity. This system is the largest PEMFC system of its kind and the first deployment of a Ballard stationary fuel cell power generation platform. Register here >> 

National Fuel Cell Bus Program - Webinar
To get to the next step of fuel cell electric bus commercialization for public transit, California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) developed "A Roadmap for FC Electric Buses in California: A Zero-Emission Solution for Transit," which focuses on establishing two Centers of Excellence in California by 2016. Each center will be the home for 40 FCEBs with supporting infrastructure and maintenance facilities. CaFCP Technology Analyst, Nico Bouwkamp, presented the CaFCP's Roadmap at a webinar, held yesterday by the International Fuel Cell Bus Collaboartive. Speakers included Nico, as well as representatives from fuel cell bus projects across the nation. The agenda and the webinar content will be available here >> 

From the DOE Newswire
Energy Department and USDA Partner to Support Energy Efficiency in Rural Communities
February 28, 2013

After a successful first initiative to improve energy efficiency and cut energy costs for rural families, the Energy Department announced a new collaboration with USDA, the State Energy Extension Partnership. The partnership plans to deliver expert financial and technical assistance across a vast network of state energy offices and land-grant universities that may reach nearly every county. Read more >>

Stay updated with news from DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Program, click here >>


New Reports
New Report Analyses Options for Blending Hydrogen into Natural Gas Pipelines
March 14, 2013 

As hydrogen delivery continues to be a barrier to full market utilization, the U.S. Department of Energy's Fuel Cell Technologies Office has issued a new report focusing on the issues related to blending hydrogen into natural gas pipeline networks. The report, Blending Hydrogen into Natural Gas Pipeline Networks: A Review of Key Issues, provides information on both using hydrogen both as a transportation fuel and as an energy storage tool. Read more >>




For access to Hydrogen Technical Publications from the DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Office click here >>


Upcoming Events and Discounts
For a full list of upcoming events, visit our events page >>. To take advantage of the following discounts, consider becoming a member >>
CHBC Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit, Spring 2013

April 9; Downey, CA
CHBC Member Discount: 33% off/Free Pass for Gold and Platinum Members

Attendees of the CHBC's Spring 2013 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit will be able to learn from industry leaders in energy storage and the transportation sectors and experience valuable networking opportunities with others in the industry as well as potential clients and consumers. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this meeting to advance your fuel cell business, expand your fuel cell network and approach new potential users and customers. Register here >>


Green California Summit

April 18-19; Sacramento, CA

California is "greening by example" and leading the way in clean energy policy, public support, technology, and innovation. This event, held in Sacramento, will bring together leaders in the public and private sector who are working to create a green future for California. More information >>


International Colloquium on Environmentally Preferred Advanced Power Generation (ICEPAG)
April 23-25; Newport Beach, CA

CHBC Member Discount: TBD; contact Emanuel Wagner

ICEPAG is a three-day international colloquium focused on advanced central plant and distributed generation technologies in the context of a SYSTEMS perspective with a focus on Sustainable Power Generation and Grid Ramifications. More information >>


ACT Expo 2013
June 24-27; Washington, DC
CHBC Member Discount: $50

The Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo is North America's largest alternative fuels and advanced clean vehicles conference and expo-representing electric, hybrid, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, and renewable fuels. ACT Expo will gather more than 3,000 stakeholders - Clean Cities coalitions, public and private fleets, technology companies, OEMs, fuel providers, infrastructure developers, and policymakers-for a real-world look at the exciting and rapidly evolving clean transportation industry. Programming includes training and tours, educational sessions, networking receptions, a packed expo hall, and a ride and drive event. More information >>


Industry News
This section features noteworthy hydrogen and fuel cell news. More updates available through the CHBC's twitter, Facebook, or by becoming a member.


Hyundai to Sell Upcoming ix35 Fuel Cell Car in All 50 States (Wards Auto) 
Hyundai Motor America CEO says mass production and retail sales of the ix35 in the US will start in 2015 and is unfazed by the lack of hydrogen-refueling stations. Read more >>


New US Secretary of Energy May Be a Strong Supporter of Renewable Energy (Hydrogen Fuel News)
Climate change is a major concern for Ernie Moniz, Obama's nomination for Energy Secretary. He has expressed the necessity to adopt renewable energy as aggressively as possible. Read more >>

Ballard Deploying Fuel Cell Systems in China and Europe (EcoSeed)

Ballard Power and Azure Hydrogen Energy and Technology Systems Corporation will be displaying a 175-kilowatt fuel cell system at the fifth World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Shanghai, after which the system is expected to be redeployed to another facility in China. Ballard also recently agreed to provide hydrogen power to a transportation project in Scotland.  Read more >>


Hydrogen Fuel Cells May be the Future of Mobile Devices (Hydrogen Fuel News)

Beyond the auto industry, hydrogen fuel cells have been attracting a great deal of attention from  telecommunications companies all over the world. Fuel cell technology is advancing rapidly, and becoming smaller, opening new opportunities for the industry. Read more >>


DOE Plans Modest Push for Fuel Cells (Press Release)
In a move to develop hydrogen infrastructure, the DOE will move forward with its (tentatively titled) H2USA project, enlisting automakers, suppliers and other companies that want to see hydrogen fuel cell vehicles hit the marketplace. Read more >>
Underground Revolution: Hydrogen Storage for Flexible Generation
(The Engineer)
Storing pressurized hydrogen in underground salt caverns could help to back up variable energy from renewable resources in the UK's future energy landscape. Read more >>
BMW Manufacturing Expands Use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells (BMW Blog)
Since 2010, BMW has more than doubled its hydrogen-fuel cell fleet to service all the production and logistics functions at the South Carolina facility. BMW also released a project update to the Landfill Gas-to-Hydrogen Pilot Project. Read more >>

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