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The California Hydrogen Business Council is proud to represent the interests of businesses and organizations active in the Californian hydrogen and fuel cell industry. We connect hydrogen and fuel cell technology developments, businesses, energy leaders, government, and infrastructure providers with a common vision of energy and transportation fueled by zero-emission hydrogen. 


Our members develop, adapt, and implement technology and services that are taking the hydrogen economy into the mainstream.


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Welcome the CHBC's 2013 Board of Directors!


The CHBC held it's Board of Directors elections December 18, 2013. The CHBC welcomes to the Board Bob Oesterreich (Air Liquide) and Jeffrey Reed (Southern California Gas), who was appointed on January 14, 2013, as Directors at Large. Robert Bienenfeld (American Honda) will now serve as Vice-President for 2013 and Larry Stapleton (Ballard Power Systems) as Secretary. Both previously served the CHBC as Director at Large. Former Vice-President, Richard Cromwell III (Richard Cromwell Associates), will now act as Director at Large. We are happy to welcome the continuation of Mark Abramowitz (Community Environmental Services) as President and Andy Marsh (Plug Power) as Director at Large. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the organization and the industry, the newly elected Board appointed Hank Wedaa to the Board with Director Emeritus status.

In a continuing move towards stronger industry representation on the Board, Catherine Dunwoody (California Fuel Cell Partnership) stepped down from her position as Secretary. The CHBC appreciates all her hard work and is looking forward to continuing its strong relationship with Catherine and the California Fuel Cell Partnership. Catherine intends to stay engaged and connected to the CHBC and feels comfortable that she is leaving the CHBC with a strong presence in the industry.

Access the full Press Release >>


New Dues Structure 


The board also approved a new dues structure, based on feedback from CHBC members. This new structure will be implemented on February 1st. While the existing dues have not changed, the benefits provided with each level of membership have increased, especially for Gold and Platinum members. Click here to learn more about membership benefits >>


On the organizational member level, the CHBC will now offer an "emerging business" category, which allows companies that are less than two years old to join for a reduced price. Sole proprietors may also join as an organizational member in the new "consultant" class.


"Individual" (non-organizational) membership will continue to be available; members in this class will not be eligible for election to the Board of Directors. Furthermore, C-level (CEO, CFO, etc.) representatives of companies will be eligible for individual memberships for no more than one year.

The following chart summarizes the updated membership categories and benefits:



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"Like" CHBC on Facebook


CHBC is pleased to announce its new Facebook account.  


As one of the leading social media sites, Facebook now has over 800 million active users who the CHBC can now reach! We will provide updates, news articles, and other items of interest, so be sure to like us to stay informed!


ITM PowerJoins CHBC


ITM Power designs and manufactures hydrogen energy systems for energy storage and clean fuel production. ITM Power is an AIM-listed company incorporated, registered and operating in England with a staff of 55. They have a first class team of engineers and scientists, based at two facilities in Sheffield, UK. Learn more >>

To learn more about connecting with other leaders in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry by becoming CHBC's newest member, click here >>


From the DOE Newswire

DOE Fuel Cell Bus Analysis Finds Fuel Economy to be up to Two Times Higher than Diesel
January 4th, 2013

According to Fuel Cell Buses in U.S. Transit Fleets: Current Status 2012, published recently by the US Department of Energy (DOE), the fuel economy of fuel cell electric buses is 1.8 to 2 times higher than conventional diesel or compressed natural gas buses. The 12-month status report written by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory includes data collected from 18 fuel cell electric buses at three transit agencies. Read more >>



Calling All Fuel Cells
December 10, 2012

Fuel cells played an important role in Hurricane Sandy, providing backup power for cell towers and keeping cell phone communication open. Read more >>


Stay updated with news from DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Program:


Webinars Available from EERE

December's webinars on the jobs and economic impacts of fuel cells, hydrogen and fuel cell research and development opportunities, fuel cell mobile lighting, and many others are now available online >>.


Industry News

This section features noteworthy hydrogen and fuel cell news. More updates available through the CHBC's twitter, Facebook, or by  becoming a member. 


Hydrogen Powered Cars Abundant by 2015
Car manufacturers like Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda hope to successfully commercialize fuel cell electric vehicles for average consumers. Read more >>

Green Energy Winner in Fiscal Cliff Deal
Many green energy industries, like electric motorcycles and biofuels, will see benefits from the last minute fiscal cliff deal while the debate over wind power efficiency and costs continues. Read more >>

ClearEdge Power to Acquire United Technologies Fuel Cells Unit UTC Power
Closing is expected in early 2013 on a deal that divests UTC Power from United Technologies Corp. to ClearEdge Power. Read more >>

Fuel Cell Industry in US Gains Momentum

The US federal government sees small businesses as the answer to bringing fuel cells back to national attention. Read more >>


Stationary Fuel Cells - Global market analysis and forecasts reports on changes to the stationary fuel cell market, growth, and restructuring. Read more >> 


FuelCell Energy Acquires Full Stake in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Developer Versa Power Systems 

Versa is now a wholly owned subsidiary of FuelCell Energy, which previously owned 39% of the company. With this acquisition, FuelCell Energy now has strong investments in both molten carbonate and solid oxide fuel cell technology. Read more >>


Fuel Cell Today Publishes the 2012 Fuel Cell Patent Review

The overall numbers of fuel cell applications and patents increased in 2012, and they remained concentrated in few countries, like Japan, the US, and Germany. Read more >>


Audi to Build New Hydrogen and Natural Gas Production Facility

Expected to be built in Germany, Audi plans to open a facility that is capable of producing not only hydrogen fuel, but also synthetic natural gas. Read more >>  


New EU Study Reports on Operation of Fuel Cell Buses

The European Commission's Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking reports favorably about fuel cell buses operations and costs. Read more >> 


FuelCell Energy May Build World's Largest Fuel Cell Network in Connecticut 

With a yet to be finalized deal, FuelCell Energy hopes to build the world's largest fuel cell power plant in Bridgeport, making Connecticut the fuel cell capital of the world. Read more >>


Insight: Manufacturer Developing Hybrid, Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Honda revealed plans for low- and zero-emissions cars, but will continue to develop diesel engines for its European customers. Read more >> 


Hydrogenics to Provide Hydrogen Storage System for Renewable Electricity Linked to Refueling Facility in Europe

Hydrogenics Corporation has announced that its project, 'Don Quichote,' developed with eight other partners, has won a major European energy storage R&D and demonstration project. Read more >>



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