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CHBC Spring General Meeting Announced
April 9th | 8 AM - 4 PM | Downey, CA | All Members and Interested Parties   


The CHBC invites industry leaders, investors, customers and operators to a day-long public meeting on April 9th, which will be held at SoCal Gas Company's Energy Resource Center in Downey, California.

Attendees will be able to learn from industry leaders in energy storage and the transportation sectors and experience valuable networking opportunities with others in the industry as well as potential clients and consumers. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this meeting to advance your fuel cell business, expand your fuel cell network and approach new potential users and customers. Register here >>


Speakers and a detailed meeting agenda will be available in the next several weeks. We welcome interested parties seeking valuable exposure to consider sponsoring the meeting. Different levels are available >>. Contact Emanuel Wagner at for details.


Upcoming Events from the CHBC
If you are interested in having access to more events from the CHBC, become a member >>
VIP Luncheon with Cliff Rechtschaffen
March 29th | 12 PM | Oakland, CA | Organizational Members Only  

The VIP Luncheon with Cliff Rechtschaffen, senior advisor to Governor Brown, is scheduled for March 29 at 12 PM in Oakland. Mr. Rechtschaffen works on energy, environmental and agricultural issues. If you would like to become a member and have the chance to participate in this event please email Emanuel Wagner ( Please remember that seats for this event are limited to ten and Platinum and Gold members have the first right to attend. Other organizational members will be able to attend the lunch depending on remaining seat availability.


Technology Tour of 1.1 MW Fuel Cell System 

April 24th | 11 AM | Torrence, CA | All Members and Interested Parties   


The first Technology Tour of the year is planned for Ballard's 1.1 MW Fuel Cell System operating at Toyota's Sales and Marketing Headquarters in Torrence, California on April 24 at 11 am PST. All CHBC members and interested parties are invited to attend.  The project, which began operation in October of 2012, is powered by Ballard's proprietary proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Ballard's ClearGen™ system enables Toyota to satisfy peak and mid-peak power needs using electricity from either the clean energy fuel cell system or from the power grid.  

Please join us for this exciting opportunity. This system is the largest PEMFC system of its kind and the first deployment of a Ballard stationary fuel cell power generation platform. Register here >> 



From the DOE Newswire
Energy Department Announces New Investment to Advance Cost-Competitive Hydrogen Fuel
February 14, 2013

The Energy Department will invest $1 million to support its broader goal to achieve $2 to $4 per gallon gasoline equivalent (gge) of hydrogen fuel by 2020. The project, led by Strategic Analysis Inc. in Arlington, Virgina, will help accelerate commercialization of cost-competitive, American-made hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The project will conduct thorough cost analyses of hydrogen pathways to identify the most economical hydrogen production and delivery methods and highlight remaining research and development challenges.



EERE Announces $10.5 million for Small Business R&D in Clean Energy Technologies

February 20, 2013 


The DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy announced the awarding of 70 grants totaling $10.5 million for small businesses to develop technologies with a strong potential for commercialization and job creation. The selected projects will explore concepts in a variety of areas, including improving the performance of batteries, increasing the efficiency of engines, developing advanced materials and manufacturing methods, and reducing the supply-chain vulnerabilities for rare-earth materials.The projects also represent varied renewable energies, including hydrogen and fuel cells, vehicles, solar, and wind, among others. Full list of projects selected for Phase I work is available here >>



Stay updated with news from DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Program:

Webinar Available from the EERE

Testing Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity with the Rotating Disc Electrode Technique
Tuesday, March 12; 9-10 am PT

The DOE's webinar will highlight the use of the rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique to measure oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity in fuel cell applications and to standardize the procedures and measurement parameters for this process.  Read more >>


Upcoming Events and Discounts
To take advantage of the following discounts for members, join the CHBC >> For a full list of upcoming events, visit the CHBC's events page >>

ACORE's Transportation and Defense Forum 
March 12-13; San Diego, CA
CHBC Member Discount: 20% off
This event in San Diego will feature presentations on
the challenges and potential utilization of renewable energy in the military and transportation sectors. It will feature discussions on renewable opportunities in the western region and explore the policies and technologies that are setting California ahead in the clean transportation field.  More information >>


ACT Expo 2013
June 24-27; Washington, DC

CHBC Member Discount: $50 off

The Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo is North America's largest alternative fuels and advanced clean vehicles conference and expo-representing electric, hybrid, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, and renewable fuels. ACT Expo will gather more than 3,000 stakeholders - Clean Cities coalitions, public and private fleets, technology companies, OEMs, fuel providers, infrastructure developers, and policymakers-for a real-world look at the exciting and rapidly evolving clean transportation industry. Programming includes training and tours, educational sessions, networking receptions, a packed expo hall, and a ride and drive event. More information >>


World Hydrogen Technologies Convention
September 25-28; Shanghai, China

The major goals of this conference are to connect theories with applications as well as to encourage interactions among scholars and practitioners from academia and industries. The research endeavors of the scientists and engineers participating in this conference will make significant contributions to facilitate the conversion to a Hydrogen Economy. More information >>


Industry News
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Hyundai Celebrates World's First Assembly Line Production of Fuel Cell Vehicles (Press Release)

On March 1, the first mass produced Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell Vehicle rolled off the assembly line in Korea. The event was celebrated by Hyundai management and VIPs. Read more >>


Ernest Moniz, MIT physicist, Nominated as Energy Secretary (Washington Post)

Moniz served as associate director of the White House office of science and technology policy and as undersecretary of energy under President Bill Clinton. He is also devoted to the "all-of-the-above" strategy for energy that Obama has embraced, but it isn't clear where he stands on hydrogen and fuel cells. Read more >>


What California Can Teach DC about Climate Change Policy (GreenBiz)

Key differences between Sacramento and DC have kept California ahead of the nation in climate change policy. Read more >>  


Ballard Fuel Cell System to Use Biomass-generated Hydrogen on California Reservation (Renewable Energy Focus)

The Ballard ClearGen PEM fuel cell system for the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe of Humboldt County will be the first of its kind, with the potential to double the efficiency of biomass-to-power generation. Read more >>


The Fuel Cell Vehicles and Hydrogen Infrastructure Report Out Now (Press Release)

Research and Markets announced the release of its latest report, "The Fuel Cell Vehicles and Hydrogen Infrastructure Report." It is available for purchase and includes an overview of the emerging FCV market, including companies, models, market drivers and barriers and reviews of recent market forecasts. Read more >>


Liquid storage Could Make Hydrogen a Feasible Fuel (Nature)

Scientists at the University of Rostock in Germany have developed a catalyst that harvests hydrogen from methanol, which is easy to store and transport as a liquid. Read more >>    

No Plans to Back Down from Fuel-Cell Vehicles, DOE Says (Wards Auto)
The Department of Energy says that it plans to continue research, development, and award funding to hydrogen and fuel cell projects. Read more >>

Fast Fill Hydrogen Fuel Cell Station Network Set for London (Earth Techling) 

In preparation for the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, work in London recently began on a three year project to expand the city's hydrogen network. Read more >>

Low-Cost, High-Performance Hydrogen Fuel Cell Unveiled (Automotive Design)
ACAL Energy fuel cells are cheaper, smaller, and more durable than any other hydrogen fuel cells on the market currently, and are ready to be licensed to automotive manufacturers and companies in the stationary power industry. Read more >>

Iron-Based Fuel Cell Catalyst to Make Hydrogen Cars Cheap (The Green Optimistic)

Scientists at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have found an alternative to platinum as the catalyst in fuel cells, called "hydrogenase," a naturally occuring molecule that uses iron to split hydrogen. Read more >>


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