Goods Movement, Heavy Duty Transportation, and Clean Ports Sector Action Group

The Heavy Duty Transportation, Goods Movement, and Clean Ports Sector Action Group advocates for the utilization of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the ports, heavy-duty freight and goods movement sectors. The SAG meets on a monthly basis to discuss state agencies developments, coordinate member-driven actions to advance hydrogen and fuel cells to meet state and agency emission reduction goals, and plan events to educate about the capabilities of hydrogen and fuel cells for applications in this market sector.

The SAG is co-chaired by Gus Block of Nuvera Fuel Cells and Andreas Truckenbrodt of Loop Energy and supported by Cory Shumaker, CHBC Development specialist.

The SAG has identified the following activities for 2019:


  1. Develop additional funding for CARB and AQMD’s to deploy commercial fleets of FCETs and related infrastructure.
  2. Pursue zero emission powertrain certification (ARB)


  1. Develop additional funding with legislature to deploy commercial fleets of FCETs and related infrastructure.


  1. Develop analysis of infrastructure cost for fleets
  2. Develop fact sheets outlining benefits of hydrogen for different applications to educate and engage ports personnel, environmental justice groups, agencies and the legislature
  3. Develop comprehensive documents outlining available products in coordination with Jesse Marquez (Coalition For a Safe Environment – CSAFE) who maintains a list of zero emission, commercially available equipment
  4. Pursue funding for cost analysis at scale study and technology comparison of duty cycles, in collaboration with SCAQMD, CARB and CEC