Public Transport Sector Action Group

The Public Transport Sector Action Group advocates and supports deployment of hydrogen fueled public transport vehicles. The key objectives of the Public Transport SAG are to increase FCEB awareness and education towards transit agencies, de-mystification of hydrogen infrastructure, secure funding over next 3 years for hydrogen powered public transport.

The SAG is led by Chair Lauren Skiver, SunLine Transit and Vice Chair Nicolas Pocard, Ballard Power Systems.

The SAG has identified the following activities for 2019:


  1. Pursue implementation of Innovative Clean Transit regulation
  2. Increase funding for FCEB and infrastructure under existing programs
    • Creation of HD H2 infrastructure program (via CEC and ARB), adding HVIP funding for infrastructure
    • Develop strategy to co-locate HD and LD stations, involving transit agencies (SunLine, AC Transit)
  3. Develop a multi-application (HD/Bus, LD) infrastructure build-out strategy
    • Form working group to address this issue
  4. Permitting process – explore how to make process more efficient and less time consuming – lessons learned / guidelines (work with CAFCP)


  1. Support initiatives, policies and regulations for the adoption of ZEB fleets in California


  1. Continue to create awareness about the FCEB (“the other electric bus”) for public transit
    • Direct engagement with transit agencies and CTA
    • Support of ZEBRA activities
    • Organize a FCEB workshop in 2019
    • Participate in industry events (CTA, APTA) to reach beyond CHBC choir
    • Update key stakeholders (CARB, CEC) on industry progress
  2. Develop a vision for 100% fleet deployment at transit depot (H2 infrastructure @ scale)
  3. Renewable hydrogen for transit fleet; “the faster path to true zero emission buses” – develop messaging towards NGOs and key stakeholders – work with Renewable H2 SAG
  4. Look at other application for FC and H2 technology in public transportation: coaches, ferry, rail (commuter/light rail) and aviation