2018 CHBC On-Road Freight Workshop Speaker Bios and Headshots

Keynote Speakers

Leslie Goodbody, Air Resources Engineer, California Air Resources Board

Leslie has been with CARB for over 12 years, currently working in the Innovative Strategies Branch on heavy-duty and off-road pilot projects.  She is the CARB Grant Liaison for three zero-emission transit bus deployment projects involving 25 fuel cell buses, two high-capacity hydrogen fueling stations, and 10 battery electric transit buses and supporting charging infrastructure.  Leslie is also part of the team developing a Beneficiary Mitigation Plan that details California proposal for spending its $423 million allocation of the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust.  Before joining the Innovative Strategies Branch, Leslie worked in CARB’s Advanced Clean Cars group focusing on hydrogen fueling and charging infrastructure for light-duty vehicles.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University and 30 years of work experience in both the private and public sector.

Dr. Michael Mac Kinnon, Senior Scientist, National Fuel Cell Research Center at UC Irvine

Michael is a senior research scientist in the Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) at the University of California, Irvine. His research involves the use of atmospheric modeling to study the spatial and temporal impacts on air pollutant species to determine technological strategies with potential for air quality and greenhouse gas co-benefits. He has authored several peer-review publications on the potential air quality implications of deploying alternative technologies within energy systems including fuel cell electric vehicles, power-to-gas, and stationary fuel cells.

John Mikulin, Environmental Protection Specialist, Environmental Protection Agency

John Mikulin is an Environmental Protection Specialist in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Region 9 Technology & Partnerships Office located in San Francisco, California working on efforts to reduce emissions from mobile sources of air pollution in the western US. John’s current assignments include: Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) implementation, West Coast Collaborative stakeholder outreach and DERA grant project oversight, Clean Air Technology Initiative coordination, coordination of regional electric vehicle deployment, coordination of mobile source technology demonstration, assistance with national vehicle fuel economy standards development, assistance with regional biomethane deployment, diesel emissions reduction technology benefit-cost assessment, and National Environmental Policy Act review.

Prior to joining US EPA, John worked for the California Council for Environmental & Economic Balance as Project Manager of the California Environmental Dialogue, an environmental policy collaborative comprised of California businesses, environmental non-governmental organizations and government agencies. John holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Public Service from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Session Speakers

Andrew Bermingham, CEO, Hydrogen Partners LLC

Andrew Bermingham has a longstanding knowledge of global energy markets, and understands well the opportunities that widespread access to hydrogen will offer society for cleaner transportation, energy security, grid-scale storage, power generation & transmission, and emissions reduction.

Hydrogen Partners looks to help develop and expand infrastructure to support regional and national hydrogen markets.  We are currently working on a $25 million project financing for the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen.

Andrew received a Master’s Degree in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines in 1992, and a BA in Economics with a concentration in fine art from Middlebury College in 1985.  He began his interest in energy working on an offshore oil rig in the North Sea, and started his career in sales and trading in New York for Merrill Lynch.  Most recently, he spent 27 years leading energy investment roundtables for Montreux Energy.

Naveen Berry, Technology Demonstration Manager, Technology Advancement, SCAQMD

Naveen Berry holds a B.S. degree in Biochemistry from the University of California, Riverside, with Masters’ in Environmental Science and Toxicology from the University of California, Los Angeles.  He has over 25 years of experience in air pollution control and public policy development.  In his current post as the Technology Demonstration Manager, he manages a team of professional staff in implementing the Clean Fuels Fund used to develop Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment projects for the Technology Advancement Office, focusing on near-zero and zero-emission light-duty through heavy-duty on-road vehicles, including fueling/charging infrastructure. These projects include vehicles and equipment supporting local port operations, transit authorities, refuse trucks and numerous other fleets, leveraging a portfolio of low-emission engines using RNG/CNG/diesel, battery electric, plug-in range extended hybrids, and fuel cells. This entails close coordination with other funding agencies, including CARB, CEC, USEPA, DOE, and FTA, as well as private companies including OEMs, technology providers, transit agencies, municipal fleets, utilities and local ports to leverage funds. Naveen also works on techno-economic assessments in implementing technologies to support the 2016 Air Quality Management Plan, the Gateway Ports’ Clean Air Action Plan, and the Sustainable Freight Strategies Plan.

Elán Bond, Project Manager, NEL Hydrogen Inc.

Elán joined H2 Logic (now NEL Hydrogen) in 2016, and is responsible for strategic market development and project execution for Nel Hydrogen across North America. As Project Manager, her primary focus is on the deployment of light-duty fueling stations for H2Frontier and Shell and on heavy-duty fueling stations for SunLine Transit and Nikola Motor. In addition, she provides solutions on technology adaptation, business development, and advocacy efforts on renewables and hydrogen fueling. Elán has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from UC Davis.

Nico Bouwkamp, Technical Program Manager, California Fuel Cell Partnership

As the California Fuel Cell Partnership and Frontier Energy’s Technical Program Manager, Nico is the project lead of project teams intending to solve technical and informational challenges. In this role, he leads the CaFCP Working Group and organized the project teams that wrote the Roadmaps for the rollout of passenger fuel cell vehicles, buses, and trucks in California.

Rob Del Core, Director, Business Development, Fuel Cell Power Systems, Hydrogenics

Rob Del Core is a seasoned expert in the hydrogen fuel cell and heavy-duty hybrid electric drive systems industry. He has over 17 years engineering experience in system integration and product development for zero emission transport, with a primary focus on hydrogen fuel cell power systems technology. Rob has successfully led more than 20 zero emission drive system programs for hydrogen electric commercial vehicles. One of his signature integration projects was leading an international team of engineers to design and develop the Fuel Cell Hybrid Buses for Transport for London, UK in 2010. In 2012, Rob rejoined Hydrogenics Corp with a mandate to develop the hydrogen heavy duty vehicles market, electrolysis and hydrogen refueling infrastructure market in US. He designed the latest fuel cell power system, CelerityTM and Celerity PlusTM for Hydrogenics, dedicated for heavy duty transportation with the goal to enable commercialization and mass deployment of heavy duty hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles, which led to two CEC awards to develop a fuel cell truck and a fuel cell bus with Celerity Plus. He is also the originator of the concept of Bundled Fleet and Fuel solutions that can remove the barrier of hydrogen heavy duty vehicle adoption by delivering perfect union of hydrogen on site generation and matching fleets.

Ryan Erickson, Senior Manager Business Development, Trillium CNG

Ryan Erickson works to develop strategic projects and product lines for Trillium which is a member of the Love’s Travel Stops family of companies. Trillium is focused on developing and building the infrastructure to support a low-carbon transportation future including hydrogen fuel cell, battery electric, solar and renewable natural gas technologies.
Among other projects and technologies, Ryan is responsible for developing Trillium’s and Love’s heavy-duty vehicle hydrogen fueling infrastructure and hydrogen generation, including solar assets for completely renewable hydrogen.
Ryan is a mechanical engineer specializing in power and propulsion by use of alternative fuels. He has been developing fueling infrastructure and engine technology for over 25 years, working for America’s largest infrastructure providers and heavy-duty engine manufacturers, premier alternative fuel consultants and heavy-duty fleet operators.

Paul Fukumoto, Director, Business Development Advanced Technologies, Fuel Cell Energy

Paul Fukumoto is the director of business development advanced technologies for FuelCell Energy, Inc. Paul is responsible for developing the carbon capture and the renewable hydrogen generation market and opportunities. Paul also supports the California policy and government affairs activities.

Paul has over 25 years of distributed power generation application and field installation experience for renewable gases (landfills, digesters), pipeline natural gas (co-generation) and associated/flare gas reduction (oil & gas).   Prior to FuelCell Energy, Paul held business development and engineering positions at Flex Leasing Power and Service, Ener-Core Power, FlexEnergy, Ingersoll Rand Energy Systems and Honeywell.

Paul has a B.S. in Engineering Sciences and M.S. in Engineering Physics from University of California San Diego.  Paul is a Certified Energy Manager (Association of Energy Engineers)

Joshua Goldman, Vice President, Business Development, Transpower

Joshua Goldman joined TransPower in July 2013. With 13 years of professional experience, he is one of the leading electric vehicle technology experts in the transit industry. In the current position, he is charged with assisting in the development and execution of new business opportunities. His unique blend of technical and business development expertise, along with his lifelong focus on transportation and energy technologies, give him the ideal capability to lead TransPower’s efforts on many important projects, particularly in areas relating to passenger and pupil transportation and Zero Emission drayage operation.

Before joining TransPower, Mr. Goldman was Director of Business Development at Proterra Inc., where he utilized his experience in the areas of engine/vehicle certification, technology validation and hybrid drive train development as well as participating in various marketing and trade related development programs. Mr. Goldman also helped create state and nationwide partnerships among public, private and governmental agencies to develop, test and commercialize zero-emissions fast charge battery and charging technology for heavy duty transportation. His accomplishments include developing a world class electric bus pilot project with Foothill Transit in Pomona, CA., demonstrating an all battery electric bus with 30 mile range and faster than 10 minute automatic charge capabilities.

Prior to Proterra, Mr. Goldman worked alongside TransPower’s CEO Michael Simon, its VPs Dr. Paul Scott and Harry Meyer, and several other TransPower personnel for nearly a decade at ISE Corporation from 2000 to 2008. While there, he served in various capacities including Manager of Engine Development for hybrid applications, Manager of Technical Training and Manager of Heavy Duty Certifications. He also took on the roles of lead engineer and project manager on over 12 heavy duty hybrid systems between 8 different OEMs and 22 customer installations.

In September 2009, Mr. Goldman received the Mass Transit Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” Award. He also graduated from the American Public Transit Associations elite 2011 “Leadership APTA” class.

Mr. Goldman studied mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. While there, he worked on one for the first Georgetown Fuel Cell buses while helping to lead a university hybrid conversion team to win 1st place in the national DOE sponsored Future Truck 2000 competition.

Abas Goodarzi, President & CEO, US Hybrid

Dr. Abas Goodarzi is the founder and President of US Hybrid Corporation and US FuelCell as well as President of Magmotor Technologies. Goodarzi uses his thirty years of EV and HEV experience to direct technology and product development at US Hybrid and US FuelCell with a focus on fuel cell engine systems in addition to electric and hybrid powertrain design and manufacturing for medium, heavy duty, and military vehicles.

After his experience as Technical Director of General Motor’s EV1 program and Senior Scientist at Hughes Aircraft Company, Dr. Goodarzi directed the development of high density and efficiency power converters for organizations including GM, Ford, and Wrightbus as well as Hydrogenics’ fuel cell programs.

Dr. Goodarzi’s key areas of expertise include power converters, motors and controllers, energy management systems, and vehicle system controls. He holds a bachelor’s from California State University, Sacramento in power systems and a master’s and doctorate from the University of Missouri, Columbia in power electronics.

Dr. Goodarzi has been a registered professional engineer since 1985, published noted articles and patents, and received various professional awards.

Bill Kahn, Advanced Engineering Manager, Peterbilt Motors

Bill Kahn is a Principal Engineer at Peterbilt Motors and is the Manager of Advanced Concepts.  An engineering graduate of Texas A&M University, he has over 30 years of experience in the trucking and aerospace industry. His last 19 years while at Peterbilt have been dedicated to evaluating emerging technologies and developing timelines for their viability within the Peterbilt product.  His Group’s work includes innovation in the areas of autonomous operation, next generation combustion engines, electrified vehicles, hybrid powertrains, alternative fuels, and lightweight materials.  Mr. Kahn’s Group at Peterbilt has been responsible of late for fielding industry leading Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) demonstration vehicles, all-electric port drayage and refuse trucks, and range extending series electric trucks.  Success in these trials facilitate a path to production for the Company, by reducing the amount of lessons learned need moving into volume quantiles.

Mr. Kahn is a member of the 21at Century Truck Partnership, University of North Texas Faculty Advisory Board, and the Society of Automotive Engineers among other groups.

Vic La Rosa, CEO, Total Transportation Services, Inc

Vic La Rosa is an innovative and solutions-focused Senior Executive with the ability to employ the right people and empower them to succeed.

Vic has a comprehensive professional background spanning the industries of transportation (freight forwarding, warehousing, trucking, LTL, airfreight, logistics, distribution, roll-on / roll-off, 3PL, international shipping), and clean tech.

Affiliated with TTSI since 1986, Vic founded the company to provide a wide range of cross-nation and international freighting services. Serving in the role of President during the early growth years, Vic directed the upward trajectory of the company to reach a peak of $100 million prior to the successful sale of the business in 2006.

He entered semi-retirement at this point, only to re-purchase the company six years later following an unsuccessful ownership by the acquirer. As Chief Executive Officer he created a sustainable growth model, restructuring operations and taking into account significant industry changes before rebuilding the company to its previous status. The company has now doubled in size and Vic continues to manage day-to-day operations.

During TTSI’s initial growth years, Vic leveraged the burgeoning Big Box boom to develop the import market sector of the organization. He built relationships with Fortune 100 companies, including Target and Amazon, and opened multiple divisions to support demand, including warehousing, brokerage, airfreight, L TL, FTL, heavy works, operations, port operations, and drayage. The development of the port drayage business in the 1990’s was a positive move, with the operation today performing at a sophisticated level.

Brian Lindgren, Manager, Research and Development, Kenworth Truck Company

Brian Lindgren serves as Manager of Research and Development for Kenworth Truck Company.  Mr. Lindgren began his career with PACCAR in 1977 as an engineer, and has held engineering positions at Peterbilt, Kenworth and PACCAR Global Sales. He worked as Kenworth’s Vocational Market Segment Manager from 1998 through 2002 and Director of Vocational Fleet Sales from 2003 to 2011 where he served vocational customers across US and Canada, before moving to his current position in May, 2011. Mr. Lindgren’s team studies ways to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by exploring hybrid powertrains, alternative fuels and powerplants, reduced idling, advanced driver assistance systems and through aerodynamic research. Mr. Lindgren holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, and is a registered Professional Engineer in Washington state.

Alan Mace, Product Development & Market Specialist, Ballard Power Systems

Mr. Alan Mace has over 18 years experience within the fuel cell industry in engineering, service and product management roles. In his current position as Market Manager, he is responsible for
market development activities for the FCveloCity® Heavy Duty power modules including definition of customer requirements and value analysis, along with market analysis. Mr. Mace has held a broad range of roles in engineering, customer relationship management and marketing during his years of service at Ballard and IdaTech. His experience includes a strong technical background on fuel cell products and applications.

Mr. Mace holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Washington State University. Prior to his current fuel cell activities, Mr. Mace has designed high‐speed machine vision systems for food processing, along with design of machinery for pulp, paper and web processing.

Kohei Masaki, Hydrogen Strategy Consultant, Toyota North America

Kohei Masaki is a Hydrogen Strategy Consultant in Corporate Strategy & Planning Division (CS&P) in Toyota Motor North America (TMNA).

After 10-year experience for business consulting, Mr. Masaki started to work for Toyota to support hydrogen ecosystem development and expansion in the United States.

He provided business consulting service especially in automotive industries, and has expertise in Strategy & Operation area such as mid-term plan development, new business entering strategy, external affair strategy and organization structure change strategy. Also, he had several projects relates to Fuel cell and Hydrogen industry in both US and Japan.

Current his responsibility is business planning and business development of Fuel Cell Electric Heavy-duty Truck.

Michael McDonald, Senior Director Maintenance & Engineering, UPS

Michael McDonald has been working for United Parcel Service, (UPS), for 26 years. In January of 2018, Michael was promoted to the Senior Director of Sustainability and Government Affairs for the Maintenance and Engineering Department. Michaels job is to evaluate alternative fuel projects that vendors bring to the engineering team looking for support, implementation, or a possible joint venture to build a vehicle that UPS would use in the day to day operation of delivering packages. Michael also acts to support the public affairs team when it comes to Smart City Solutions, transportation mobility solutions, and government affairs issues related to the operation of UPS equipment on the road ways. Previous to this assignment, Michael began his UPS career in 1992 as a technician maintaining ground delivery equipment in the Central Florida District. He was promoted to a Fleet Supervisor in 1993 and relocated to Knoxville Tennessee in 2001.In 2003, Michael was promoted to a Fleet Manager and relocated to Nashville Tennessee. In 2012, Michael was named the North Atlantic District Automotive Manager and relocated to New York. Finally, Michaels last assignment prior to this assignment was the District Automotive Manager of South Atlantic in Georgia. In this span of time, Michael held various assignments concerning the maintenance of ground delivery equipment, aircraft ground support equipment, and transportation equipment. In addition to Michaels technical certificates, Michaels education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Tim Reeser, CEO & Co-Founder, Lightning Systems

Tim Reeser is CEO and Co-Founder of Lightning Systems. Lightning Systems manufactures and sells a connected suite of zero-emissions, efficiency and emissions reduction solutions for fleet trucks and buses, including all-electric conversion systems, zero-emissions fuel cell range extenders, zero-emissions trucks and buses, hybrid conversion systems, and analytics systems. Lightning Systems investors include BP Ventures, Aravaipa Ventures, and CoorsTek, and its customer list includes UPS, DHL, Peapod, National Express and NREL.

Tim has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from CSU, and has been involved with alternative transportation technology since 1990, when he helped design the first dedicated CNG truck for General Motors while at Colorado State University.

Prior to co-founding Lightning Systems, Tim served as Vice President of Colorado State University Ventures, where he spun out clean-tech companies and built the framework to support accelerated growth of spin-outs and spin-ins at CSU.  Prior to CSU, Tim founded and ran computer software and hardware integration companies.

Jeff Serfass, Executive Director, California Hydrogen Business Council

Mr. Serfass is the Executive Director of the California Hydrogen Business Council and President of Technology Transition Corporation (TTC).  TTC provides management services to the CHBC and several other clean energy associations including the newly formed Clean Energy Research and Education Foundation (CEREF).

TTC is a 30-year old company that catalyzes change in the clean and renewable energy technology space, helping industries develop through collaborative self-action to create appropriate state and federal policies, remove market barriers and promote market opportunities.  In addition to the CHBC and CEREF, TTC manages the American Biogas Council, Biomass Thermal Energy Council, the Hydrogen Education Foundation and the Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association.  In 2010, Mr. Serfass ended 22 years as President of the National Hydrogen Association.

Mr. Serfass previously held positions at the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Research and Development Administration, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation.  Mr. Serfass holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Cory Shumaker, Development Specialist, California Hydrogen Business Council

Cory Shumaker, MBA assists with various CHBC business and membership tasks as well as event planning, workshop planning, strategic planning, advising, and general council representation. As CHBC’s Development Specialist, Cory brings his experience with zero emission heavy duty vehicles to provide insight on behalf of stakeholders.

Cory has previously worked for Vision Industries Corporation and has received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at California State University-Long Beach, and received his MBA in International Business & Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University.

Emanuel Wagner, Assistant Director, California Hydrogen Business Council