CHBC Supports SoCalGasโ€™ Decarbonization Commitment and Encourages Hydrogen to Play a Major Role

Transitioning the gas supply to renewable and zero carbon sources is necessary, and to succeed, hydrogen is needed.

For Immediate Release

March 11, 2019 – YORBA LINDA, Calif. – The California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) applauds Southern California Gas Company’s commitment to achieve 20% renewable content in its gas supply by 2030 and for aiming to allow customers to buy renewable gas for use in their homes. These groundbreaking steps promise to help California meet its ambitious deep decarbonization targets and continue its leadership as a clean energy pioneer.ย We hope and trust that renewable hydrogen will play a critical role in helping Southern California Gas Company succeed in its effort.

Hydrogen produced from renewable and zero carbon sources is the only solution for producing decarbonized gas at mass scale. Renewable hydrogen can be made from organic feedstocks, and the most promising pathway for high volume production is to power electrolysis with renewable electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Renewable hydrogen can be blended in limited quantities into the existing gas supply to lower the greenhouse content of delivered gas, or it can be mixed with CO2 to make renewable methane, which can enter seamlessly in unlimited quantities into the existing gas infrastructure, making possible the complete decarbonization of the gas system without having to invest in expensive retrofits. At the same time, electrolysis can help absorb excess renewable electricity that would otherwise be wasted, making a 100% renewable or zero carbon electricity future more possible. Renewable hydrogen and its derivatives stored in the gas network can provide the only known solution for long duration seasonal storage at the terawatt hour scale.

Electrolytic hydrogen is becoming widely recognized around the world as key to deep decarbonization strategies. The German government has concluded the technology is essential to achieving deep greenhouse gas reductions,[1] the UK is advancing electrolytic hydrogen for heat and other uses to forward its deep decarbonization plans,[2] and projects along with relevant policymaking are also underway throughout the rest of Europe, as well as in Australia, Canada, Japan and the US. CHBC looks forward to working with SoCalGas to help California decarbonize by making the future of its gas supply renewable.

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