CHBC Appoints Diane Moss as Policy Director

Diane Moss Appointed as CHBC Policy Director

The CHBC Executive Committee on behalf of the board of directors has approved the appointment of Diane Moss as the CHBC’s first Policy Director. Diane has served the CHBC as a Senior Advisor for several years and will now serve an expanded role advancing the CHBC’s policy agenda.  Diane will help the CHBC proactively plan and execute its engagement with regulators, the legislature and other key stakeholders on matters of importance to the expanding hydrogen sector in California. As Policy Director, Diane will strengthen CHBC efforts with regulators, policymakers, members, and potential allies, accelerating CHBC efforts to advance key areas. This includes implementing hydrogen storage, increasing funding for station buildout, setting fair and favorable electric rates for hydrogen production and fueling infrastructure, decarbonizing the gas system with renewable hydrogen, leveling the playing field for FCEVs and other hydrogen technologies, advocating for hydrogen’s roles in integrated resource planning, and ensuring hydrogen is sufficiently considered as part of an equitable energy future. More info on Diane Moss on CHBC’s Staff Page: