Comments on the CPUC OIR to Continue Electric Integrated Resource Planning & Related Procurement

On June 15, the CHBC submitted comments to the CPUC regarding the OIR to Continue Electric Integrated Resource Planning & Related Procurement. The CHBC’s main points were:
  • Including green electrolytic hydrogen in IRP modeling is in line with state law.
  • Green electrolytic hydrogen is the most scalable, geographically flexible long duration storage option and more cost effective than lithium ion batteries at longer durations.
  • Additional variable renewable generation, which will be needed to achieve state policy targets and which is part of the PUC’s proposed integrated resource planning, risks not being financeable without electrolytic hydrogen as a storage resource.
  • By including hydrogen as a storage and electricity generation in IRP modeling, the PUC would be responding to rising interest not only internationally, but also in the US and California, by investing in renewable hydrogen solutions to decarbonize the electricity sector while maintaining system reliability.