Dear #Hydrogen industry,
We are currently accepting advertising/sponsorship applications for your brand to be featured on the 1st hydrogen #fuelcell #foodtruck. Sponsorship packages include participation at a #California event of your choosing during 2020.

Come on @CalEnergy @californiapuc - lets help CA keep pace with the rest of the world when it comes to large scale energy storage #hydrogen #Power2Gas #energystorage @ANativeAngeleno @George_SoCalGas @CAHydrogen

Hydrogenics will be supplying our large-scale PEM electrolyzer to produce over 400kg of hydrogen daily for clean buses in Germany.

Daimler: all vehicles soon with hydrogen
The automobile manufacturer Daimler wants to offer all vehicle types with hydrogen drive from 2022.

"We are developing a modular system for the fuel cell in order to be able to use it in very different vehicle types of our group,"

Port community engagement is a critical partnership to reduce the impact of emissions & improve air quality! @CleanairCA Joe Lyou, #CSAFE Jesse Marquez, & @CBECal Bahram Fazeli engage the #hydrogen & #fuelcell industry at the #ports & #shipping workshop

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