“Hydrogen really fit our needs and showed that we could seek an alternative to replicate how we operate today.” - Kyle Mulligan, Chief Engineer at Canadian Pacific. Read how CP is developing North America’s first #fuelcell line-haul freight locomotive:

Let's change this California! "...the hydrogen infrastructure for refueling FCVs is currently way behind the infrastructure for charging electric ones"

Another reason we need #HydrogenNow. "Most drivers today plug in their electric cars at home, and only occasionally use public charging stations. But those stations will be crucial, especially to those who live in apts and people who drive long distances"

On Thursday, Sept 16 at 8:00 am PST (5:00 pm CET) please join us online as we launch the newest & most powerful #hydrogen fuel cell engine for heavy-duty mobility, FCmove-HD+. Register here: #cleanmobility #fuelcells #FCEBs #bus #truck #zeroemissions

Ballard Power Systems and Quantron AG announce a strategic partnership for the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks #fuelcells #zeroemissions

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