The UC Irvine hydrogen fueling station achieved a new record! Over 25,000 fills into passenger vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric buses have been completed since November 2015. The future is here for H2 powered vehicles!

Only 1 more week unitl the #CHBCFreightWorkshop @ACTExpo! Join the CHBC on April 30 as @nelhydrogen Elan Bond presents on the #HeavyDuty #HydrogenRefueling panel! #hydrogen #fuelcell

#TodayInEnergy - Fuel cell power plants are used in diverse ways across the United States #fuelcells #hydrogen

Dr. Matt Miyasato @SouthCoastAQMD says we can't just regulate our way to clean air. Truck and bus fleets need incentives to transition to clean fuels so region can get healthy air.

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