Our Mission

The California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) is comprised of over 100 companies and agencies involved in the business of hydrogen. Our mission is to advance the commercialization of hydrogen in the energy sector, including transportation, goods movement, and stationary power systems to reduce emissions and dependence on oil.

Our Vision

The vision of the California Hydrogen Business Council is to reinforce California’s position as the most advanced clean energy state in the nation, expanding the sustainable use of its precious natural and renewable resources and providing clean air to its citizens, by adopting hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in transportation, power and goods movement markets.

By 2020, the CHBC will seek to quantifiably reduce air and greenhouse gas emissions by contributing to the goals of bringing 20,000 FCEVs on the road in California; featuring 100 operating public fueling stations; putting several hydrogen medium and heavy duty fleet operations in place; and demonstrating progress toward 2025 public transit goals of 150 FCEBs on the road with fueling stations, have at least 5 transit agencies operating more than 20 FCEB with one fueling station each in California; at least one transit agency with more than 50 FCEB in service, more than 25 additional transit agencies informed of FCEB progress, performance, cost, and infrastructure five operating Power-to-Gas projects; and 50% of hydrogen for transportation from renewable sources.

The CHBC is uniquely qualified to meet those goals because it bridges energy silos and industry sectors that are commonly viewed individually. As such, it is a unique advocate, convener, collaborator and communicator for cross sector market interests.

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Our study on the impact of cold weather on the driving range in both #battery #electric and #hydrogen #fuelcell technologies was just released and is being featured online! Read more about our findings on @InsideEvs #energy https://t.co/5WLwGOYyZx via @insideevs.com

Starting 2020 knowing I am privileged to represent the most bold, courageous, & engaged constituents here in East Bay Senate District 9!

Pleased to report filed in December and am on March 3, 2020 ballot to serve you once again.

The California Energy Commission issues a grant funding opportunity to develop non-lithium ion energy storage technologies, including hydrogen. The questions deadline is Jan 9; submission deadline is Feb 9.


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