Staff and Consultants

The CHBC is currently managed by Board Chair Lauren Skiver, supported by Deputy Director Emanuel Wagner, Policy Director Sara Fitzsimon Nelson, and Development Specialist Cory Shumaker for support of specific market sector activities.

@ClearPathAction looks at the opportunities for hydrogen exports across the globe and recommends actions to be taken here in the U.S. to support production.


“When you look long term, there is no way around hydrogen.”
- Markus Krebber, CEO of German multinational energy giant RWE.
#hydrogen #cleanenergy #decarbonization

Join us for the California #Hydrogen Leadership Summit, co-hosted by @CAHydrogen and @GNA_Consulting. Industry leaders and government officials will explore policy action to advance California’s #decarbonization and air quality goals. #CAHydrogenSummit

To protect our communities from the hazards of diesel particulate emissions, we need to have and support zero emission trucks - like the hydrogen fuel cell project we’re bringing to Oakland:

#Greenhydrogen needs to be transitioned from a niche to a global energy carrier w/ widespread usage across sectors. International collaboration is paramount to support the global role of green hydrogen - @flacamera opens @IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen

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