Staff and Consultants

The CHBC is managed by Executive Director William (Bill) Zobel utilizing staff resources provided by the Technology Transition Corporation, and select consultants for policy development, advocacy and support of specific market sector activities.

  • Bill Zobel

    William (Bill) Zobel serves as Executive Director of the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC), a non-profit trade association that advances the commercialization...

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  • Emanuel Wagner

    Emanuel Wagner works for several of TTC’s clients on a variety of program areas, such as membership communication and development, education & outreach, and...

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  • Diane Moss

    Diane Moss is CHBC Policy Director and Owner of dima Communications & Strategic partnerships, which provides consulting services on communications and forging...

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  • Peter Thompson

    Peter Thompson supports senior CHBC staff in administrative and project activities, including research, membership support, event planning, and general administrative...

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  • Cory Shumaker

    Cory Shumaker, MBA assists with various CHBC business and membership tasks as well as event planning, workshop planning, strategic planning, advising, and general...

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  • Jeff Serfass

    Since TTC was formed 26 years ago, Jeff Serfass has been leading collaborative efforts to create industries and address both commercialization opportunities...

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It’s time for #CH2ange in the energy system. We’re proud to work with @Ch2ange to make it happen. #HydrogenNow

Energy Technologies Perspectives 2020 has been released!
By 2070 H2...:
-Global production grows up to 520Mt, (60% produced via electrolysis)
- Covers 13% of final energy demand
- ...and H2-based synthetic fuels represent 6% of emissions savings.

U.S. utilities are increasingly exploring the use of green hydrogen made from wind and solar energy to cut emissions

More details about yesterday's announcement about 123 hydrogen stations approved and funded for California.

#hydrogen #California

California Energy Commission announced funding of $39.1 million for 36 hydrogen stations to FirstElement Fuel, Iwatani and Shell.

Another 87 stations were recommended in subsequent funding batches.

More at - scroll to the documents labeled NOPA.

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