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Monday, December 10, 2018 – CHBC Member Day
(CHBC Members Only)

8:00 AM

Registration Opens & Networking

8:30 AM

Welcome to CHBC Member Day!

8:40 – 9:10 AM

Communication and Business Expansion Committee Meeting

9:20 – 9:50 AM

Infrastructure and Vehicle Deployment Working Group Meeting

10:00 – 10:30 AM

Hydrogen Energy Storage and Renewable Hydrogen SAG Meeting

10:40 – 11:10 AM

Heavy Duty, Goods Movement, and Clean Ports SAG Meeting

11:20 – 11:50 AM

Public Transport SAG Meeting

12:00 – 12:30 PM

Advocacy Committee Meeting

12:40 – 1:00 PM

Annual Membership Meeting – Board of Directors Election

CHBC MembersCHBC Board of DirectorsPolicymakers
1:00 – 2:00 PM – Open Period (Lunch on your own)1:00 – 5:00 PM – Board of Directors Meeting
 2:00 – 5:00 PM – CaISO Tour 3:00 – 4:30 PM – H2 101 – Hydrogen for Policymakers
5:00 – 6:30 PM – CHBC Member Meetup   

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 – California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit Day 1

 7:30 AM Registration and Check-in 
 8:45 AM Welcome

  • Jeff Serfass, Executive Director, California Hydrogen Business Council
9:00 AMKeynote – Renewable Hydrogen Decarbonizing the Natural Gas Sector 

To meet its aggressive climate change reduction goals, California will need to decarbonize its economy across all sectors. Renewable hydrogen can provide a solution for grid energy storage and decarbonizing the natural gas system and beyond with Power-to-X.

  • Yuri Freedman, Senior Director, Business Development, Southern California Gas Company
 9:30 AMThe Scientific Imperative of Fuel Cells for a 100% Sustainable Future

Fuel cells are key hydrogen enablers now and in the future for decarbonized energy, power, storage and transportation.

  • Professor Jack Brouwer, Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center, UC Irvine
 10:00 AMNetworking Break
 10:30 AMSector Coupling: Enabling a 100% Carbon Free Energy Economy 

Projects and activities around the globe will blaze the trail for California to follow in producing renewable, zero-carbon hydrogen for the transportation and electricity sectors and industry.

Moderator: Jeff Reed, Chief Scientist, Renewable Fuels and Energy Storage, Advanced Power and Energy Program, UC Irvine

  • Wolfgang Beez, CEO, Hitachi Zosen Inova ETOGAS
  • Rob Del Core, Managing Director, Hydrogenics
  • Steve Syzmanski, Director of Business Development, Projects and Government, Nel Hydrogen
 11:30 AMAward Presentation and Keynote

California Senator Skinner (Senate District 9) receives the CHBC Public Leadership Award as 2018 CHBC Legislator of the Year, followed by her views of the challenges and opportunities of the hydrogen industry in the 2019 legislative cycle.

  • State Senator Nancy Skinner, California District 9

Introduction and Award presented by Professor Jack Brouwer, Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center, UC Irvine and Member of CHBC Board of Directors

12:00 PMLunch
 1:00 PMKeynote Panel: California’s Continued Climate and Energy Leadership 

California is a global leader in the fight against climate change. Key decision makers from the current administration discuss the opportunities unfolding for the incoming Newsom Administration. 

Moderator: Tanya Peacock, Public Policy & Planning Manager, Southern California Gas Company

  • Dan Sperling, Automotive Related Board Member, California Air Resources Board
  • Angelina Galiteva, Board of Governors, California Independent System Operator
  • Drew Bohan, Executive Director, California Energy Commission
2:00 PMKeynote – Transportation Transformation – Industry Perspective

What watershed events have happened, are happening or need to happen for hydrogen to be a key solution in the electrification of heavy duty freight and bus transportation?

  • Randy MacEwen, President & CEO, Ballard Power Systems
2:30 PMDiesel Free by 2033 – Hydrogen in Freight and Heavy Duty Truck Developments

Elimination of diesel emissions presents a huge opportunity to improve air quality in California and around the world,. Multiple vehicle manufacturers have invested in the development of zero-emission fuel cell electric trucks  to replace diesel trucks.

Moderator: Damian Breen, Deputy Pollution Control Officer, BAAQMD

  • Jesse Schneider, Executive Vice President, Nikola
  • Brian Lindgren, Director, Research & Development, Kenworth Truck Company
  • Ben Nyland, President & CEO, Loop Energy
  • Rob Del Core, Managing Director, Hydrogenics
  • Eddy Nupoort, Project Director, Nel Hydrogen
3:30 PMNetworking Break
4:00 PMGoing to Zero in Transit and Rail

California is mandating the transition to zero emission transit buses through CARB’s Innovative Clean Transit Regulation. Hydrogen offers a 1:1 replacement for diesel buses and is showing potential in rail as well.

Moderator: Lauren Skiver, President & CEO, SunLine Transit Agency

  • Tony Brazil, Chief, Transportation and Clean Technology Branch, California Air Resources Board
  • Rob Del Core, Managing Director, Hydrogenics
  • Mike Hursh, General Manager, AC Transit
  • Glen Naylor, Senior Technical Advisor, New Flyer
5:00 PMHydrogen Beyond California: International Updates

Other countries have their own hydrogen initiatives which provide important context for California and U.S. activities.

  • Mary-Rose de Valladares, General Manager, International Energy Agency
  • Jeff Plato, President, Illuming Power Inc.
5:30 PM Member Updates (3 Min Each)
6:00 – 8:00 PMCHBC Reception

  • DJ, Drinks, Heavy Hors d’oeuvres

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 – California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit Day 2

7:30 AM Light Breakfast and Networking
8:00 AMKeynote – The Global Renaissance of Hydrogen

The Hydrogen Council has set a goal of using 100% carbon free hydrogen for transportation by 2030.

  • Dave Edwards, Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy, Air Liquide
 8:30 AM Legislative Needs in 2019

California is making enormous investments to electrify its energy and transportation sectors. The hydrogen industry will need to work with the legislative and regulatory bodies to achieve hydrogen’s appropriate role among the alternative energy options.

Moderator: V. John White, Executive Director, CEERT

  • Tanya Peacock, Public Policy & Planning Manager, Southern California Gas Company
  • Mike Lord, Executive Engineer, Toyota
  • Tim Sasseen, Business Development Manager, Ballard
  • Teresa Cooke, Government Affairs Representative, First Element Fuel
9:30 AMConverting Natural Gas Infrastructure to Hydrogen – The H21 North of England Project

Equinor is working with a variety of stakeholders in the North of England to demonstrate a design of converting the natural gas system for hydrogen applications, underscoring the need to utilize existing infrastructure for the energy technologies of the future.

  • Steiner Eikaas, Head of Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor
9:45 AMThe Future of the Natural Gas System in California – The Role of Renewable Gas 

California is moving away from natural gas as an energy resource to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. However, utilizing existing natural gas infrastructure with future technology will reduce the investment needs investment and reduce costs.

Moderator: Steve Jones, Managing Director, ITM Power

  • Steinar Eikaas, Head of Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor
  • Dr. Jeff Reed, Chief Scientist, Renewable Fuels and Energy Storage, Advanced Power and Energy Program, UC Irvine
  • Sandy Goldberg, Advisor to Commissioner Clifford Rechtschaffen, California Public Utilities Commission
10:30 AMNetworking Break
11:00 AMEnvironmental Justice and the Role of Hydrogen

California’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund recognizes the importance of solving environmental issues for the Disadvantaged Communities surrounding industrial centers. Therefore, the environmental justice community holds enormous clout in the fight against climate change in California. The hydrogen and fuel cell industry is working with environmental justice groups to recognize hydrogen as an important zero emission technology option.

Moderator: Mark Abramowitz, President, Community Environmental Services

  • Rocky Rushing, Senior Policy Advocate, Coalition for Clean Air
  • Jesse Marquez, Executive Director, Coalition for a Safe Environment
11:45 AM The Path to Expanding Hydrogen Infrastructure 

AB 8 created the funding mechanism for light duty hydrogen fueling stations. The station network will need to expand beyond light duty cars to enable deployment of medium and heavy duty vehicles and bring a deep reduction in GHG emissions in the transportation sector.

Moderator: Steve Ellis, Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Marketing, Honda

  • Chris Kretz, Business Development Manager, Air Products
  • Chris McWhinney, CEO, Millennium Reign Energy


 12:30 PMAward Presentation and Keynote 

Tyson Eckerle, Deputy Director of Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure in the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) receives the CHBC Public Leadership Award as the 2018 CHBC Hydrogen Champion. He will provide his views of the challenges and opportunities in reaching sustainable hydrogen fueling for all Californians.

  • Tyson Eckerle, Deputy Director of Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure, Office of Governor Jerry Brown, Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)

Introduction and Award Presentation by Steve Ellis, Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Marketing, Honda and Member of CHBC Board of Directors

1:00 PM Lunch
 2:00 PMMapping the Trajectory of the Hydrogen Industry

Each year, there are new studies being conducted to provide analytical perspectives on where we should be headed for clean energy use. So we made one panel to talk about them.

  • Dr. Jeff Reed, Chief Scientist, Renewable Fuels and Energy Storage, Advanced Power and Energy Program, UC Irvine
  • Mark Griffith, Director, Power Research, IHS Markit
2:45 PMNew Applications for Hydrogen

The use of hydrogen and fuel cells is being explored for new applications including aviation, Unmanned Areal Vehicles (UAV), and by the military.

Moderator: Steve Szymanski, Director of Business Development, Projects and Government, Nel Hydrogen

  • Phil Robinson, Vice President, Unmanned Systems, Ballard Power Systems
  • Anand Chellappa, Director of IP, Intelligent Energy
3:15 PMHydrogen and Fuel Cells for Ships and Ports

Reducing emissions from the port and maritime sectors will provide enormous health benefits and air quality improvement for workers and the communities in close proximity. Hydrogen and fuel cells provide solutions throughout port operations.

Moderator: Cory Shumaker, Development Specialist, California Hydrogen Business Council

  • Dr. Joseph Pratt, CEO & CTO, Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine
  • Al Cioffi, Business Development, Plug Power
  • Rob Del Core, Managing Director, Hydrogenics
4:15 PMSupply Chain – Developments and Challenges to Bring Down Cost

We often focus on the major technologies of fuel cells, hydrogen production and vehicles without realizing the supply chain necessary for ensuring manufacturing of these technologies in California.  Creating competition in the hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain will have a significant impact on reducing costs and enabling deployment.

Moderator: Risei Goto, Director, Business Development, Sumitomo Corporation

  • Daisuke Kurosaki, Chief Coordinator, Hydrogen Supply Chain Development Department, Chiyoda Corporation
  • Kevin Harris, Hydrogen Business Unit, Hexagon Lincoln, LLC
  • Pieter Veltman, Commercial Director, HyET – Hydrogen Efficiency Technologies
  • Siegfried Rivalta, Vice President, Winkelmann Flowform Technology
5:15 PMActionable Conclusions from the 2018 Summit 

  • Dr. Jeff Reed, Board of Directors Chair, California Hydrogen Business Council

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