Goods Movement, Heavy Duty Transportation, and Clean Ports Sector Action Group

The 2017 volunteers to assist with heavy duty, goods movement and clean ports activities were combined into one Heavy Duty, Goods Movement and Clean Ports SAG which includes sustainable freight interests, an important sector for a wide array of CHBC members. The SAG is led by Chair Jim Petrecky, Plug Power and assisted by staff member Cory Shumaker.

ARB continues to implement a number of competitive procurements to address the drive to zero emission trucks and equipment, as well as cleaner ports and other efforts to address the environmental challenges of disadvantaged communities that often exist around ports and freight distribution centers. Staff will continue to increase relationship building with key stakeholder organizations and one of the key activities will be conducting with members various workshops throughout 2017.

Specific Actions

·         Advocate and present goods movement and clean ports facts before the California legislature and agencies.

·         Identify all current hydrogen port activities/demonstrations at the port.

·         Gather voice and requirements of port customers to understand all the opportunities and constraints for hydrogen projects.

·         Take stock of what is ready in the fuel cell market to be deployed now

·         Look at the limitations and constraints that need to be overcome to improve likelihood of success for hydrogen deployments.

·         Identify opportunities/advantages that improve the likelihood of success in hydrogen deployments.

·         Identify current/future and possible new opportunities for funding of hydrogen assets in the port.

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