Communication and Business Expansion

The Communication and Business Expansion Committee was formed in 2018 by merging the Strategic Communication Committee and the Membership and Business Expansion Committee. The newly formed committee is tasked to support event planning, membership services, and communications to expand business opportunities.


Formed in 2012, the Strategic Communication Committee was tasked with identifying low cost high value efforts to educate customers, policymakers, investors, media and other stakeholders on the facts related to hydrogen energy and fuel cells. The committee worked to develop or connect parties to information resources that advance the level of knowledge and interest in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, products and markets.  Additionally, the committee helped guide the organization’s development of educational resources and outreach strategies and implemented all hands calls for the entire membership, identified materials and resources for website development and provided input on hydrogen information materials.

The Membership Development Committee was created to expand the membership and develop membership services to grow the organization. Activities under this committee were focused on providing significant value to current members and working with Directors and other members to actively recruit new members to the organization. Their work was supported by staff and tools that were developed for this effort.

The committee has identified the following activities for 2018:

Activity 1: Secure funding for public outreach addressing hydrogen and fuel cells.