Infrastructure and Vehicles

In 2018, the CHBC formed the Infrastructure and Vehicle Deployment Working Group to provide a broader, industry voice for fueling station deployment, including opportunities to bridge functionality across light duty vehicle fueling, Power-to-Gas, and other market sectors. The CHBC will continue to work with the California Fuel Cell Partnership on infrastructure development and vehicle deployment through this Working Group.

The Working Group identified the following activities for 2018:

Activity 1: Develop fuel cell electric vehicle industry position to a potential ban of sales of combustion vehicles in the future – AB 1745 (Clean Cars 2040 Act).

Activity 2: Provide input in agency reports and planning on transportation electrification to be inclusive of hydrogen and fuel cell technology and products.

Activity 3: Advocate for additional station funding and support industry activities to develop station funding beyond the initial 100 stations in California.

Activity 4: Advocate gas utility involvement in hydrogen fueling station infrastructure

Activity 5: Provide guidance to ARB and key agencies, VW and CHBC members on the disbursement of future funds from the VW settlement, with a goal of allocating at least 10% to hydrogen and fuel cell projects, including infrastructure expansion and vehicle deployment.

Activity 6: Ensure any electric vehicle bills are inclusive of fuel cell electric vehicles and treat them equal to other EVs, e.g. AB 1184 (Vehicular Air Pollution)