Public Transport Sector Action Group

The Public Transport Sector Action Group advocates and supports deployment of hydrogen fueled public transport vehicles. The key objectives of the Public Transport SAG are to increase FCEB awareness and education towards transit agencies, de-mystification of hydrogen infrastructure, secure funding over next 3 years for hydrogen powered public transport.

The SAG is led by Chair Lauren Skiver, SunLine Transit and Vice Chair Nicolas Pocard, Ballard Power Systems.

The long term vision for Public Transit is to:

  • Have at least 150 fuel cell electric buses (FCEB) on the road in California by 2025 with fueling stations
  • Have at least 5 transit agencies operating more than 20 FCEBs with one fueling station each in California by 2025
  • Have at least one transit agency with more than 50 FCEBs in service by 2025
  • Have more than 25 additional transit agencies informed of FCEBs progress, performance, cost, and infrastructure

The SAG has identified the following activities for 2018:

Activity 1: Seek to secure over next 2-3 years funding for buses and other transit vehicles (like HVIP program) and hydrogen fueling infrastructure via key agencies, including ARB, CEC and Air Management Districts. Coordinate efforts with Advocacy Committee.

Activity 2: Analyze and comment on the CARB Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) ruling: Transit Agencies have not expressed concern over 2040 Zero Emission Mandate but there is concern over lack of funding associated with mandate and timescale.

Activity 3: Advocate for conversion of rail to hydrogen, at railyards or rail lines not using catenary electricity supply as a means to reduce emissions from Diesel locomotives.

CHBC’s Fuel Cell Electric Bus Lunch Workshop at CTE Zero Emission Conference speaker presentations from September 11, 2018 are available here >>