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California Hydrogen Business Council 2012 - Non-Member News #5

We have some great information to share with you about the next two months!


The next CHBC Technology Tour will feature the Gills Onion Energy System in Oxnard, CA on August 15. On September 12, the CHBC will host its Fall General Meeting in the Bay Area, in cooperation with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and supported by the California Fuel Cell Partnership and the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative. Non-CHBC members are invited to attend these meetings, so please mark your calenders!


On August 24, Cliff Rechtschaffen, Senior Advisor to Governor Brown, will be the guest for our second VIP Luncheon this year that is open to organizational CHBC Members. 


There is a lot of other news and developments, so take a bit of time to read on and stay updated! Also consider becoming part of the CHBC to connect with the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in California. It takes just seconds to sign up - click here to learn more >>

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Gills Onion Technology Tour
CHBC Fall General Meeting
VIP Luncheon - Cliff Rechtschaffen
All-Hands Call Summary
Senate Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus Launched
Washington Fuel Cell Summit a Success
Turnaround for Secretary Chu
New Reports
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Gills Onion Technology Tour August 15, 2012 at 11 AM PT.


Community Energy LogoYou are invited to attend a tour of Gills Onions' award-winning Waste-to-Energy project, the Advanced Energy Recovery System (AERS), which converts 100% of their daily onion waste (up to 300,000 lbs) via two 300-kilowatt fuel cells into renewable energy and cattle feed. This reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while saving the company $700,000 in annual electricity costs.

Prior to the tour, the system will have undergone a major expansion of the AERS by adding a large flow battery system.

You can sign up for the tour at All attendees can meet after the tour at a nearby restaurant (Lunch is included in the $25 registration fee).


The system was featured in the CHBC supported webinar series "Hydrogen Learning for Local Leaders". The presentation can be found here >>. Alternatively, see this short video of the facility (before renovation):


Gills Onions' fuel cell energy system
Gills Onions' Fuel Cell Energy System;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

Save the Date - CHBC Fall Meeting on September 12 in the Bay Area


Please mark your calendar for September 12 for the CHBC Fall General Meeting, currently under development in collaboration with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the California Fuel Cell Partnership and the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative.


Details and an invitation will be sent to you shortly.;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

VIP Luncheon with Cliff Rechtschaffen

Cliff Rechtschaffen 

Corporate members of the CHBC are invited to attend an exclusive VIP Luncheon with Cliff Rechtschaffen, senior advisor to Governor Jerry Brown on energy and environmental issues. Cliff is looking forward to meeting representatives of the CHBC on August 24, 2012, at 12 PM in San Francisco, CA.
You need to join the CHBC as a corporate member if you wish to attend. Email Emanuel Wagner at to learn more or sign up here >>.;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

CHBC All-Hands Call June 21



On June 21, the CHBC conducted its first-ever All-Hands Call, attracting 1/3 of the CHBC's membership to learn about CHBC activities, government and industry developments, and upcoming events. This new format allows CHBC members to highlight issues that ought to be addressed by the CHBC Board and staff.  


The notes from this call are available for members only on the CHBC website (;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

Senate Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus Launched

Several Senators hosted a U.S. Senate policy briefing on July 18 as a first step in launching the new bipartisan Senate Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus, which CHBC Managing Director Jeff Serfass attended. This caucus will promote the continued development and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the United States.

The new Senate Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus includes Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), John Hoeven (R-N.D), and Chris Coons (D-Del.), Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), and Jon Tester (D-Mont.).

The CHBC welcomes this positive development on the federal level and hopes for the support of the Caucus by both California Senators, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

See Plug Power's Press Release >>;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

Washington Fuel Cell Summit a Success
Community Energy Logo
Fuel Cell Vehicle in front of the Capitol

In our last newsletter, we featured the Washington Fuel Cell Summit on June 19, 2012 in Washington D.C. The CHBC was a Collaborating Organization of the Summit.

To our delight, the Summit was successful in getting high level federal agency and government personnel in the room to speak on behalf of hydrogen and fuel cells, and 160 attendees listened to industry executives present the realities of products in all markets.

An event summary was provided by Bloomberg News/Business Week, which can be found here >>;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 


Turnaround for DoE Secretary Chu: Praises & Supports Hydrogen at HTAC Meeting 

Stephen Chu, U.S. Secretary of State for Energy, has told US news service that he is much more interested in hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles now than he was in 2009 when he first assumed his role. Click on the image below to see the interview, which starts at minute 1:55.

Secretary Chu Changes Mind on Fuel Cells - Autoline Daily 917
Secretary Chu Changes Mind on Fuel Cells - Autoline Daily 917;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

New Reports  

California Fuel Cell Partnership Publishes Report on CA Fueling Infrastructure

Last week, the CaFCP published "A California Road Map: Bringing Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles to the Golden State". The work is based on their members' 10+ years of experience placing stations and vehicles in California and represents the result of over a year of collaborative work between automakers, researchers and other stakeholders in California. The road map identifies a need for 68 strategically placed hydrogen stations by January 2016 and an additional $65 million in funding to support market launch in California. 


National Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Learning Demonstration

The U.S. Department of Energy has released its final report from its Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Validation and Demonstration Project that collected data from over 180 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) over a six year period from 2005-2011. Within this period the vehicles made more than 500,000 trips and traveled more than 3.6 million miles, completing more than 33,000 fill-ups at hydrogen refueling stations across the USA. The project found that these vehicles achieved more than twice the efficiency of today's gasoline vehicles with average refueling times of five minutes for every four kilograms of hydrogen.

Report on DOE's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Learning Demonstration website >>


Hydrogen and Storage Market Will be Worth $1.8bn by 2018

Research company Global Industry Analysts has released research showing that the global hydrogen production and storage market will be worth more than $1bn by 2018. The U.S. continues to remain the largest regional market for hydrogen.

Read the Press Release >>;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

From the DOE Newswire

Energy Department Invests in Hydrogen Infrastructure and Fueling Technologies - Projects to Reduce Costs and Drive Higher Performance
July 18, 2012

The Energy Department announced a $2.4 million investment to collect and analyze performance data for hydrogen fueling stations and advanced refueling components. Read more >>

Stay updated with news from DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Program:;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

News From Abroad

European Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure Gets New Initiative Support

HyER, a European association working to promote hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology, has won approval from the European Union for its TEN-T initiative. The initiative aims to establish a hydrogen fuel infrastructure corridor, which will link several European countries. The initiative will also launch a study of the proposed hydrogen corridor in order to determine the viability of hydrogen fuel in transportation and the performance of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Read more >>;background-repeat:repeat-x;"> 

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